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My First Fix!

My first fix was delivered this weekend from Stitch Fix! For those who missed my previous post – I gave a detailed explanation about what Stitch Fix is and how it works here.  In a nut shell, Stitch Fix is an online styling service that sends you new clothes in a “fix” that they think […]

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Have You Heard of Stitch Fix?

Timeout.  Momentary break from cooking posts because I want to introduce you all to my latest obsession…. STITCH FIX! What is Stitch Fix, you ask?  WELL.  Stitch Fix is a fashion styling service through the mail.  First you sign up HERE (if you use this link, I get a $25 credit :-) )and sit on […]

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Light and Healthy Shepherds Pie

Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me, currently you’re only wearing pants that have already been worn 20 times before and you refuse to wash and dry them, because that means they will conform back to their original “shape” and snap you out of your “yeah, I didn’t put on any holiday weight” delusion. […]

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Nanaimo Bars (and a lot of gibberish about Canada…)

WHAT is a Nanaimo bar, you ask? Believe it or not, a good portion of my family comes from Canada.  Crazy… I know, but believe it or not, those Canadians are actually pretty bad ass. As I’ve mentioned in the past, my immediate family generally hails from the suburbs of Detroit.  My grandmother, who still […]

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To the Fans….

Dear Steeltown fans, or to the vast void that is the internet, whichever it may be…. Some of you have contacted me recently or spoke to me in person to ask “What happened?? Where did the blogging go??” That is a good question, with a very complicated answer…. The simplest explanation is that I have […]

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A Challenge and a Contest: Cook Your Covers!

Attention Home Cooks! How often are you persuaded to buy cookbooks because of the amazingly beautiful dishes presented on the cover? How often do you actually MAKE that cover recipe once you’ve bought the cookbook? As I was perusing some of my cookbooks for dinner inspiration yesterday, I thought it would be a great challenge […]

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Tailgate Blondies

This post is less about the food and more about my love for all-things U of M… and hatred for all things Notre Dame.  You’ve been warned…. Last weekend, Little Lucy and I road-tripped from Pittsburgh to Michigan so I could visit my family, but also attend the Michigan/Notre Dame game.  For those of you  […]

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Meet Lucy!

Hi All – I apologize that the recipes have not been flowing like wine recently. We’ve had our hands full with the newest addition to our family, and it’s amazing if we can even find time to order pizza…. Meet our new puppy,  Lucy! Lucy is a 9 week old Golden Retriever and joined our […]

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Raspberry Brownie

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

Greetings from the North!  For those of you who missed my earlier post, I am on vacation this weekend at my family’s home in Northern Michigan, or “Up North” as we like to call it.  The house sits on beautiful Lake Charlevoix, with easy access to Lake Michigan (Literally…they call it “Charlevoix the Beautiful“). Yesterday […]

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Dark Knight in Pittsburgh!

Bam! KAPOW! If you’re living in the Pittsburgh area these days, you’ll know that Pittsburghers are caught up with Batman Fever! Since PA passed a law a few years ago that offers tax breaks to filmmakers, Hollywood has flocked to Pittsburgh to film their movies here.  Some of the more recent films have included She’s […]

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